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Our website is the 1st venture by MyDay MyPlan Online Services Private Limited which is one of its kinds of Online Market Place launching Mumbai on 9th July 2014. We are the first movers in the field of successfully planning your day at the click of button.

We are the answer to your various questions like "Where should we go today?", "How should I plan my day", "Where should I take my family this weekend?", "How should I plan my next corporate meet?", How will everything fit within my budget, etc. The answer to this dilemma is available at MyDay MyPlan where you not get to plan your day and create wonderful experiences but also get amazing deals which makes your pocket a lot lighter.

We have offerings spread across various categories ranging from Amusement Parks, Bungalows, Adventure Sports and Activities, Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants, Luxury Cars, etc to meet the taste and needs of each and every individual and corporate group.

Our Value proposition is to make your life easier by giving attractive options right at the click of a button, create a long lasting experience though our high quality partners and also make their pockets feel a lot lighter with the competitive deals offered on

Kindly click here to have a look at our Corporate Presentation and get a greater understanding of our concept. Alternatively you can find the corporate presentation at and our concept video can be found at

We are reachable at OR support@mydaymyplan. You can also reach us via whatsapp @ 7715 893 193

7715 893 193
7715 893 193